Lianna Ankney

Singer, Songwriter, & Yoga Teacher in Pittsburgh, PA

Lianna is a musician and yoga teacher out of a broad need for inclusion, sincere roots in story-telling, and to honor her deepest desires for community. Singing, songwriting, and yoga transitioned into her life out of first being alone and then connecting with others. She sensed and continues to see a longing from those all around her for this more substantial collective of seeking through music and yoga. As she continues to uncover her voice, she is coming closer to the source of what is in her heart. The fog of her thoughts is continually lifting to show the healing road she’s traveling with clearer and clearer intention. Her voice and story-telling continue to unfold and transform as she observes and interacts with her surroundings. This need to create infuses bravery into the questions she asks herself and the questions she asks to others through her lyrics and yoga teachings. What do we desire? What is accessible? What can we do right now? All else flows from that which is this.

Living just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Lianna has a distinct vocal style and a storytelling aspect to her songwriting and yoga teaching. She released a self-titled full-length album under the name Diamond Shapes in 2014. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2016/2017 after receiving her 200 hour training with FLY Yoga School on Martha's Vineyard. Her next music release will be a solo EP on 1/31/2020 called LA-LA-LA. She is studying once again with Sherry Sidoti of FLY Yoga School in 2020 at Soul Tree Yoga in Colorado to become a 500 hour certified yoga teacher.

As a child, Lianna enjoyed dancing around the basement of her childhood home while listening to her parents' records from the 60s with her whole family. This had sincere effect on her joy and taste in music. She played flute throughout elementary school, middle school, and most of high school. At the age of 25, Lianna decided to take guitar lessons and started writing songs and discovering her singing voice shortly after. She wrote and recorded the Diamond Shapes album of music between 2012 and 2014 while she was still learning to play guitar. Matt on his guitar and Teena on her ukulele joined the group in the years that followed. The band continues to fluctuate and shift as Brooke joins in as another vocalist!

Want to host Lianna in sharing her original music? She wants to play her music at coffee shops and in living rooms, within and outside of Pittsburgh, so if you have a coffee shop or a living room and where Lianna can play, please reach out!