I'm a little late, but welcome!

Hello & welcome! 

I'm so glad to have you here just as you are. My name is Lianna Ankney. I am a singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, and storyteller. You might already know that and you might not.

It is my intention to create a space of giving when I share with you. At this time, we might feel "off balance" physically, mentally, and emotionally most days. Off balance is okay. I think this is a part of being human. What do you think? Do you feel disjointed in relation to the pandemic and how you personally are or feel affected? Does it have something to do with the transparency of the racist systems upholding the United States and other parts of the world? Do you reflect on how you're responding individually to racism and does this throw you off? Perhaps you feel disconnected due to something else that encompasses the first two and much more? Again, off balance feels okay and completely natural to me. But how does it feel for you? For me personally, once I started noticing it, I began figuring out all the ways I could care for myself in these instances so I could sustain the uncertainty and still feel okay. 

I might share something here that uplifts you, but I might not. I can intend one thing, yet it will potentially come across in another way. I don't have all the answers, but I can share what I know and think in the hopes that you'll share what you know and think with me too. I promise that I'll only share when it's really important. Don't expect weekly posts from me or messages this long all the time. This first offering is my way of tending to the details. I want to go over everything with you so we can begin in clear communication with one another right away. 

I am choosing now to share with you now you because (drum roll 🥁)... I am currently writing my first book!!! 

You might know me as a musician or a yoga instructor or even a graphic designer (check out a new version of my logo above). Behind all of that, I have always been a writer. My book is for me and only you can decide if it's for you. Descriptions can sometimes never be enough, but my book will recount my experiences with synchronicities as a way to guide you in your own connections. I am convinced that the stories each of us have are the key to who we already are, who we will become, and what we're meant to share in each our lifetimes. My book will encompass all aspects of who I am as an artist, a creator, a storyteller, a singer and songwriter, a yoga instructor, and so much more. I think I've always known that I'm not just one description or one title. I don't think any of us are just one description or title. I am many. Are you? 

Stay tuned for more updates on my book. In the meantime, if you're curious, you can: 
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With love, 
Lianna ️

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