My first book!

As I look for a label that others can identify with, I always return to describing my overarching self as a storyteller. I am my imagination. I am a creator. I need to express my connections in this life. In short, I am here right now in this space to write a book. The working title is "All That We See: Stories From My Backyard". It's coming through as my experiences with memories and dreams and my reason for being here on this earth as Lianna. Yoga is a big contributor. I know that sharing yoga as a white woman is no small thing and there are issues with that. I'm working with this and have been for as long as I have known about yoga. I continue to ask questions and challenge and check myself. I also know that this book I want to write is not about teaching yoga. I will relate experiences I've had in my own yoga practice, though. I have to give credit to yoga because that is where credit is due. I will offer guidance through what I have witnessed firsthand. I will have spent much time with all that I am bringing forward. I think the practice of time is one of the most important things we can give to our experiences. I will be connecting memories, present day experiences, and contemplations as a way to make sense of what to do next for whoever needs it. The book is much needed for me. It is my hope that it will guide us all to pay attention to those moments and thoughts and ideas that sync up, that connect, and that inform one another. And I will do my best to make it all as tangible as possible. I will use what I have learned as a way that you can also learn. I want your very being to be the source that it already is. As you read, you might start to pay attention to the places within you that hold all the answers. And if you feel that you're already on this path of paying attention, then maybe I can help with a different kind of clarity. Everyone's experiences, no matter what similarities we find, are almost always unique when we start to see the details.

As more comes through, I will continue to share. I know this project will continue to expand. For now, my main focus is this book as I have described it above. Once this book is complete, I will review and reevaluate what will come next or in conjunction with. Whether it's an album of music, another book, or something else, if you follow along on my journey, you will be the first to know. Stay tuned, my dears. 

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Remember why we're here ❤️ 

How are you feeling? A list to check up and check in: 

1. No, but really. Are you being honest with yourself? Whatever is showing up is there for a reason. Are you thinking about the holidays and how they might be different this year? Are you noticing a shift in your productivity at work? Are old memories showing up? Do you feel uncertain about something in the future? Can you do one thing for me? To your best ability, can you breathe in through your nose? Good. Can you breathe out through your mouth? 

P-A-U-S-E... (keep breathing, however it's accessible) 

2. Has anything shifted? It's okay either way. No one has all the answers about what we're supposed to be feeling. We all experience the world from our viewpoint. So much goes into it. Our race, where we live, our incomes, our physical abilities, our mental and emotional states of being, memories of trauma, who we live with, what we were taught, what was normalized and what was not, and the list goes on. We compare notes as peers. No one is above you. No one is below you. Someone might have advice that works, and you might receive something that doesn't. If you're intrigued, follow that path. Remember to breathe along the way. You might have advice for someone that they use and something that doesn't work. We can be upset by rejection or not knowing where we fit. 

3. Don't take this time in your life lightly. As my birthday nears (that's right, I'm a Sagittarius), I see so much hope and possibility as autumn transitions to winter. I don't know if it's because of my birthday, or if it truly is the nature of the season. Whatever it is, I believe we each have the capacity to create a place to be who we want to be, perhaps for others, but mostly for ourselves. Let's not aim to be the envy of all. We live moment to moment in mostly imperfect ways. There are impurities. We learn the most about ourselves when we admit what we don't know and when we ask ourselves to be as honest as possible as we figure it all out. 

4. Before I go, there's one more thing. We might not question why we celebrate the holidays we celebrate and only see these times of year as a way to spend time with loved ones, but each of us are being challenged. Yes, because of the pandemic, but also because of the social injustices for Black people, brown people, indigenous people, and other people of color. Thanksgiving is muddled and always has been. Learn the truth about Thanksgiving from Cheyenne Leskanic. Please note, learning the true history of this "holiday", the things we're not taught in school, is of vital importance. I reside on the land of the Wazhazhe or "The People of the Middle Waters" where I am in western Pennsylvania. This will always be their land and I will always be a visitor here. Here's a photo of my beautiful back yard.

I'm a little late, but welcome! 

Hello & welcome! 

I'm so glad to have you here just as you are. My name is Lianna Ankney. I am a singer, songwriter, yoga instructor, and storyteller. You might already know that and you might not.

It is my intention to create a space of giving when I share with you. At this time, we might feel "off balance" physically, mentally, and emotionally most days. Off balance is okay. I think this is a part of being human. What do you think? Do you feel disjointed in relation to the pandemic and how you personally are or feel affected? Does it have something to do with the transparency of the racist systems upholding the United States and other parts of the world? Do you reflect on how you're responding individually to racism and does this throw you off? Perhaps you feel disconnected due to something else that encompasses the first two and much more? Again, off balance feels okay and completely natural to me. But how does it feel for you? For me personally, once I started noticing it, I began figuring out all the ways I could care for myself in these instances so I could sustain the uncertainty and still feel okay. 

I might share something here that uplifts you, but I might not. I can intend one thing, yet it will potentially come across in another way. I don't have all the answers, but I can share what I know and think in the hopes that you'll share what you know and think with me too. I promise that I'll only share when it's really important. Don't expect weekly posts from me or messages this long all the time. This first offering is my way of tending to the details. I want to go over everything with you so we can begin in clear communication with one another right away. 

I am choosing now to share with you now you because (drum roll 🥁)... I am currently writing my first book!!! 

You might know me as a musician or a yoga instructor or even a graphic designer (check out a new version of my logo above). Behind all of that, I have always been a writer. My book is for me and only you can decide if it's for you. Descriptions can sometimes never be enough, but my book will recount my experiences with synchronicities as a way to guide you in your own connections. I am convinced that the stories each of us have are the key to who we already are, who we will become, and what we're meant to share in each our lifetimes. My book will encompass all aspects of who I am as an artist, a creator, a storyteller, a singer and songwriter, a yoga instructor, and so much more. I think I've always known that I'm not just one description or one title. I don't think any of us are just one description or title. I am many. Are you? 

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With love, 
Lianna ️